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    Sunday, April 03, 2011

    Knowing the path and walking the path

    As I sit here with a sleeping baby on me, this seems especially true is a couple different ways.

    We've finally mostly put toddler-boy to sleep in the crib at night. Except when we're both exhausted between 4-6am and sleep is more important than discipline. We *are* still nursing, just at night, though I'm trying to cut down on this, too. At least when he's in his crib, I feel like I'm slowly getting myself back.

    With that, I'm taking baby steps toward losing weight, trying a combo of the old Weight Watchers core program, which worked amazingly for me losing baby weight the first time, and also Somersizing. Sure, you can laugh, but at least that'll give me the jump start I need. Apps wil also include Lose It!, a calorie-counter & food logger. Journaling helps. Wish me luck!

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    Tiago Dadazio said...

    good luck!